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Return Policy

Thank you for your support for the shop, before and after the purchase of goods, if the need to return the details of the following details
In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, consumers enjoy the benefits of goods 7 days appreciation period (including the holidays), seven-day appreciation period is "consideration period" is not a "probationary period", if the goods, such as by the closure, use, Lack of integrity that is lost when the value of re-sale, can not return.
Each order only to provide free shipping refund / replacement service, if you need to return the goods please bear the cost of goods delivery.
Please note that the returned / replacement item must be in a new state and the integrity of the package (to keep the return goods, invoices, accessories, tag, inside and outside the packaging, gifts and other integrity).
If you want to return the goods, please return the original packaging, including the integrity of the box, box, goods, wrapping paper, catalog, tag, gifts, etc., if the original box has been lost, please use another cardboard wrapped in goods Original packaging, do not directly on the original packaging (product box) on the paste paper or writing text, to do delivery, if the original shoe box all items are damaged or lost, will not accept the return.
Seven days of appreciation, not applicable, such as leaving stains, wear, Kaifeng trial, smell, accessories incomplete, will not accept the return.
The goods on the website, because of personal use of electronic products and color problems, please receive the actual goods shall prevail, color is not a flaw.
If the number of returns due to personal factors too much, the Company will decide whether to suspend shipments, inconvenience please forgive me
In order to avoid hair disease and health care and other issues, contact goods will not accept Returns.